700 ml

40% Vol. US-FDA registered

The gin smells pure, a bit earthy with a mix of unique regional herbs.

Ingredience of Old Islandia Gin


Our Gin recipe is based on Icelandic traditional ingredients. The Old Islandia recipe originated on the Krónustaðir estate in Northern Iceland where our master distiller was born. We have been evolving this recipe for 30 years and we are very proud of the incomparable taste and flavours form our Gin.


Our recipe is top secret but our foundation is juniper berries, coriander, ginger and angelica.


On the nose, the Gin sprays spicy notes of earthy, different herbs and a strong juniper note. It is dry and earthy on the palate. The juniper also comes through in the taste, later affected by the spicy-hot ginger. The finish is dry and long-lasting.